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TVDSB Employee Portal Login: The Thames Valley District School Board, TVDSB, is committed to equity in employment and it hires professionals from various diverse communities. Professionals who are planning to contribute their services can apply to the staffing officer and request for accommodation for those physically challenged professionals. Thames Valley District School Board is a well-established board of education in Ontario. The board schools are spread across Elgin, Oxford, and Middlesex counties and the city of London.

TVDSB Employee Portal Login

The board establishment has 77,000 secondary and elementary school students and those are supported by huge professionals of 8000 teachers, principals, and staff these high figures make the board as one of the biggest employers in Southwestern Ontario. The board comprises 132 elementary, 27 secondary schools, outdoor centers, schools for the arts, and Care and treatment centers. You can find three categories, teaching, administrative, and supportive staff which comprises the employees of the TVDSB.

For details, you can refer at Thames TVDSB 1250 Dundas Street, London, ON N5W 5P2, Phone: (519) 452-2000, Fax: (519) 452-2395.

Student Entry into TVDSB Eligibility Criteria:  

1. Thames Valley District School Board welcomes new students from different streams of life. The students here shall learn and discover many things that shall make them unique and innovative.

2. Three categories of students are allowed to join the school and the first category belongs to the Canadian Citizens and permanent resident students who do live with parents/legal guardians.

3. In the second category, a student need not be residing in Ontario but must satisfy the mentioned condition in the previous lines.

4. In the third category, students belong to International students.

5. Students can make entry into the school at various levels like kindergarten, elementary school, french immersion, secondary school, International student, and Settlement workers in schools.

Independent Procedure Principals/ Vice-Principals (Employees’) Recruitment:

1. Promotional Practices: Selection Procedures and appointments of principals and vice-principals is conducted by the organizational support services (Human Resources) and the promotions are awarded as per the references given in the equitable recruitment, Selection, and Promotion of Staff.

2. The basic purpose to follow the stated procedures is to identify the eligible candidates with appropriate qualifications and experiences who are selected for Principals and Vice-Principal.

3. Independent Procedure for Recruitment of Elementary/Secondary Principals/Vice-Principals:

4. At the entry level, a teacher must furnish the details with proof for the relevant conditions set for the category elementary/secondary (Principals/Vice-principals)

5. From the application process, the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses shall be listed as per the Ontario  Leadership Framework.

6. A readiness for Interview process committee internal/external screening.

7. Interview committee will define the performance of the candidate as per the format designed for the interview of 45 minutes. The format includes candidate presentations, case studies, structured questions, etc.

8. In the follow-up stream, the successful candidates will be placed in an unranked form. The candidates will be asked on an annual basis in case they want to consider for the post.

9. Input from School Councils: The profiles that are forwarded by the school councils will be scrutinized and advised for the post as per the individual needs of the schools.

10. The interview committee shall inform the board on the appointments of the individuals. These appointments are done by the senior management and are based on the individual needs of the schools. 

Benefits obtained from the Employee Web Portal Services:

1. The existence of the employee web portal helps to create more space for the employees in dealing with the core issues. It can be regarding administrative, teaching, or staffing.

2. Earlier, employees had to queue in at HR departments to get their queries sorted out or request to add, or edit their personal details. Now things have completely changed.

3. You can directly access the employee webpage and make relevant changes or view the paystub, payslip, check the financial statement of the month, or even the chronicle of the year.

4. The employee portal provides additional services like health, insurance, and retirement pension guidance.

TVDSB Employee Portal Login:

1st Step: The employee should have entered the Portal i.e.  and clicked the ‘Employee portal link.’ It will lead to a new webpage that refers to the login-in page of the employee web portal.

2nd Step: You can enter the employee portal login by entering your username, and password, and then clicking the login button.

TVDSB Employee Portal Login

Forgotten Your Password:

1. The Employee can reset the password by utilizing email or cell phone for security reasons. You can change the TVDSB active directory (AD). To change the password, you will have to click the link i.e., and proceed to change the password.

2. Once you tap on the link, the Portal shall redirect to the new web page and it will contain the title ‘Get back to your Account.’

Recover password at TVDSB Employee Portal

3. You must enter the email or username, and numerical image in the captcha and click the next button.

4. You must follow the instructions on the next page and work accordingly to reset the forgotten password.

Important Note:

In case you are unable to change the password or reset the password then you can seek the help of the tvdsb office at 519.452.2005.

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