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Macys Insite Login: Began in the USA on 28th October 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy, American Department Store is now International. Macy’s markets several products such as Accessories, Footwear, Home Furniture, Jewelry, etc. Presently, It is headquartered in New York, the USA, and the chain of stores is made available in 641 different locations worldwide. Statistics prove that the company employs 130,000 people in 2017 with annual revenue of $24.8 billion.

The company is stretched across the US, Puerto Rica, and Guam and 584 full-line stores are operational. Macy’s employees are provided with web portal support to share their details at a self-service destination at Macysinsight. Moreover, Employees can get a connection with the Human Resource Department at AskHR. Employees must make an entry to Macy’s my Insite login or Macy’s scheduling through MyHR, a Self-Service destination.

Macy’s Insite Login 2022 Myhr Macys Schedule Sign-on:

Macy’s Human Resource Custom made ‘Insight’ Portal:

Macy’s human resources designed and developed a custom-made employee self-service portal for all Macy’s employees. The logins are made possible through Macy’s employee login, Macy’s ex-employee login, or even Myschedule Plus Login. An Employee can log in at and seek access to the employee’s paychecks, attendance, leaves, Scheduling, and posting of employee-related essential information by the HR Department.

Employee Sign-in Macy’s Insite Official Link:

1st Step: Go to the Macys Insite portal i.e.

2nd Step: The web portal shall display the ‘Employee Connection page.’ On the tab of the page, click on my Insite page.

tap on insite login

3rd Step: The web portal shall redirect to the ‘your HR portal’ and one can find two links ‘colleague sign in’ and ‘former colleague sign in’ 

my hr insite login page

Condition 01 Colleague Sign in:

1. If an employee is working at Macy then one must click the first link ‘Colleague sign in.

click the Colleague signin

2. The employee should enter details like an 8-digit employee ID and network password and click the login button.

login page of Macys

3. Once you complete the Macys Insite Login process, the employees will get the My Insite dashboard. In case an employee is unable to remember the secret code (password), change the secret code, or unlock it, one must click the link made available above the login button. 

Unable to Remember the Secret Code:

1. To reset the password, the employee must click on the link Forgot password Option on Macys Insite login page.

myinsite login page

2. Enter the eight-digit employee ID, PIN (last four SSN), and the number shown in the block. Click the next button.

password manager

3. The employee must follow the instructions displayed on the next web page and complete the retrieval of the password (Secret code).

Important Note: When the employee wants to ‘unlock’ or ‘change the password’ one must adopt the same procedure as mentioned above for the ‘forgotten’ password.

Condition 02 Former Colleague Sign-in:

1. The procedure remains the same as described for the Colleague Sign-in page.

2. The former colleague must reach the ‘your HR portal’ and click the ‘former Colleague sign in’ link.

Former colleague sign-in

3. The web portal shall lead to a new page ‘My in-site and one must complete the formalities.

4. The former colleague must enter the 8-digit employee, network password, and click the login button.

Former Colleague Sign-in

Retrieval of Forgot / Unlock/ Change password of Former Colleague Sign-in: In case, an employee needs to retrieve the forgotten secret code, unlock or change the password then one must follow the same procedure as mentioned for the ‘colleague sign-in’ employees.

Benefits of Macy’s MyInsite Portal:

1. Employees who belong to Macy and Bloomingdale can seek direct benefits from the employee’s self-service portal at Macy’s Insite.

2. The web portal can be accessible to every employee 24 by 7 anywhere. The employee can view paychecks, and work schedules on a weekly basis.

3. An employee can modify the medical, dental, and vision coverage.

4. The employee is permitted to go through the company’s news and other non-restricted portions of the company’s website. 

5. The employee can view the pay stubs of the previous months.

6. An employee can change tax, modify 401K, and social security information. Moreover, one can view W2s, and W4s. 

7. The employee is allowed to make changes to their personal details and includes phone numbers, addresses, etc.

8. An employee can apply at macys insight for paid time off, holidays, and more.

Macy’s credit card: A colleague/former colleague or customer can benefit from Macy’s credit card. Every visitor is advised to sign in to access the account and make one-time payments, or auto payments for hassle-free bill pay.

Macy’s Card Purchases Yield Points on Annual Spending:

Macy’s purchases extend rewards on top brands when customers seek bronze, silver, gold, and platinum membership. Customers who seek membership can accumulate more points on the purchase of products. For bronze membership, for every $1 spend, one point gets added to the member’s cart. For Silver, annual spending with Macy’s card from $1 to $499 on every $1 spent, 2 points get added to the member’s cart. If the annual spend at Macy’s with a Macy’s card is between $500 and $1,199 then for every $1 spent, 3 points get added to the cart. For Platinum membership, for an annual purchase of $1200 plus with Macy’s card at Macys store, on every $1 spent one shall get a reward of 5 points.

Remember: These points are convertible and hence one can purchase against the accumulated points on spending.

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