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Devry university com: One bright spot for progressive learning in the ever-changing world of higher education is DeVry University, where creativity and flexibility are valued highly. Envision a thriving digital environment where people utilise state-of-the-art training adapted to the constantly changing needs of the industries of the future to mould their own futures. Here, hopes are raised, faced with obstacles, and turned into victorious reality of devry university com.

DeVry has led the way in educational transformation for almost 80 years. Every aspirant mind is enveloped in an atmosphere where inspiration, challenge, and empowerment blend together harmoniously at this devry university com because of its inclusive character.

Devry University Com Calendar Schedule

The future in which academic programmes are cleverly created to meet the tech-centric demands that shape tomorrow’s industries. The enduring dedication of DeVry to creating success stories for the present and the future is ingrained in the company’s heritage. DeVry has supported numerous people on their path to professional success over the course of these decades.

Summarise your goals and objectives for professional development and student achievement.

By equipping students to succeed in professions affected by ongoing technological change, Devry University com seeks to address the opportunity gap in our society. Learners who aspire to succeed especially those who are underserved by the conventional higher education system. Meanwhile, they are assisted and empowered by it.

devry university com
devry university com

DeVry gives students the tools they need to make a real difference in their community, their jobs. And their own lives via cutting-edge programmes, pertinent collaborations, and first-rate care.

Are there any cutting-edge initiatives or programmes at the institution that are intended to improve career development and student success?

To provide more chances for students to thrive in a tech-centered environment, devry university com is continuously reinventing its entire range of programmes. A more varied talent stream is facilitate via DeVry’s Scholars programmes:

Women+Tech Scholars Programme: With the help of the Women+Tech Scholars Programme, female students may now jumpstart their careers in technology in the modern, digitally-driven economy. In order to assist them in getting ready to make a name for themselves in the digital industry, it is intended to provide mentors early access to career prospects.

NextGen Hispanic Scholars Programme: Through the group-based NextGen Hispanic Scholars Programme, students who identify as Hispanic, Latino, Latina, or Lantinx can access educational, community, and mentorship tools and resources that will support them as they pursue a college degree and a tech career, as well as graduate students who want to keep moving up the professional ladder. Furthermore, by filling the pipeline with qualified Hispanic, Latino, Latina, and Latinx graduates, it helps bridge the gap and attract job seekers.

Future Cyber Defenders Scholars Programme: Learners may get the tools and assistance they need to be successful as cyber security professionals through the Future Cyber Defenders Scholars Programme.

To provide students with possibilities, how does the institution encourage industry collaboration?

The business community and devry university com are directly involved. By collaborating with hundreds of firms and organisations across and across industries to reskill and upskill workers for today’s modern workplace, the university, through DeVryWorks, assists businesses in building their future and closing skills gaps.

Also, DeVry works with nearby chambers of commerce and other educational institutions. The university’s relationships Team also makes use of hundreds of significant relationships to help minority students acquire the skills they need to succeed in tech jobs.

How is mentorship and advice provided to students during their academic journeys promoted by your educational institution?

devry university com: DeVry University is aware that a student needs help throughout their academic journey in order to achieve; access to education alone is insufficient in this regard. DeVry, for example, has put in a lot of effort to leverage technology to heighten its CARE culture.

The comprehensive services and support provided by DeVry’s CARE Formula help students achieve their academic and professional objectives. They embed it into their procedures and technology to deepen that commitment, in addition to coming from instructors and advisers who work directly with students on a daily basis.

by helping students through every stage of the process, including tutoring and attendance, from enrollment to career results. A supportive and academically stimulating community has been established by DeVry.

What steps does the institution take to ensure that students have skills that will be relevant in the ever-evolving modern work market?

To increase learners’ chances of success in a changing digital economy, devry university com is continuously improving its whole programme portfolio. DeVry provides a diverse range of technology-focused programmes spanning many specialisations, degree levels, and certifications. In order to be prepared to tackle the problems of today, learners go deeper to comprehend technology’s involvement in all things.

DeVry’s curriculum also includes components that correspond with professional certifications like Microsoft, CompTIA, CISSP, SHRM, and others, therefore preparing students for a future driven by digital technology. In order to meet both short- and long-term labour demands, DeVry’s tech programmes, in conjunction with CompTIA Apprenticeship for Tech, assist students in building a solid foundation in fundamental IT, business, and tech principles.

Faculty with practical experience instructs DeVry’s curriculum, which offers both individual and team-based learning opportunities and creates with input from business leaders who sit on the National Advisory Committees (NACs).

About the Online Degrees and Programs of Devry University com

Gaining an online degree can help you prepare for a greater range of career choices and propel your education forward. Most importantly, you can complete an online programme without having to take time out of your life. Regardless of where you work, have a family, or are attending other personal obligations, you may take classes from anywhere.

Recipients who have completed online courses or obtained degrees from DeVry University are honoured to be listed by Newsweek in collaboration with Statista as one of America’s Top Online Colleges. They have been providing online course instruction at DeVry University for many years. When presenting complex ideas in online media, their professors and instructors are highly successful, and see more info in devry university com

In order to provide online students with the same high standard of education as their in-person counterparts, they have also worked hard to build student services including an e-library, innovative digital lab courses, 24/7 assistance, and web-based study tools.

See their Online and Hybrid Degree Programmes.

DeVry certificate programs: You may equip yourself to succeed in your chosen area by enrolling at DeVry University or our Keller Graduate School of Management. We will help you meet the difficulties of today’s industry. View their selection of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA degree programmes, as well as certificate programmes, both on-campus and online.

  • Gain new skills via immersive, tech-infused education.
  • Take advantage of our hybrid style to study entirely online or to attend certain sessions at any of our 40+ campuses.
  • Their mobile app and adaptable learning resources allow you to access your schoolwork at any time, from any location.
  • Receive individualised help with round-the-clock on-demand coaching.
  • Obtain your degree from an authorised college.

Three Motivating Factors for Pursuing a Degree

Enrolling in online DeVry degree programs is motivates by a multitude of factors. There are those that aspire to progress in their careers, while others seek to fulfil lifetime dreams or hope for higher earning possibilities. We can support you regardless of the motivation behind your decision to pursue higher education online. These three factors make earning a degree a terrific choice if you’ve been debating whether to continue your education online.

devry university com
DeVry University: Rankings, Fees, Admission 2024, Courses, Scholarships

1. New Professional Prospects

More job prospects are available to degree programme graduates. A bachelor’s degree is often requires for many employment. Getting a degree from college can assist open a lot of doors that would not otherwise be available. U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that:

  • Compared to people who merely have a high school certificate. Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree make 60% more money per week.
  • The amount of money earned weekly by master’s degree holders is almost twice that of recent high school graduates.

2. Reduced Chance of Joblessness

When circumstances are bad, having a college degree might help you get through the storm. For instance, the unemployment rate for bachelor’s degree holders in college. And high school graduates in 2020 was 5.5% and 9%, respectively, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

3. Self-Realization

In summary, obtaining a college degree can enable several individuals to realise a long-held aspiration and personal interest. As of 2016, just thirty-three percent of Americans have earned a bachelor’s degree or above. Graduates and their families, particularly those of first-generation college students. They often feel a great sense of pride and fulfilment from this.

4. At DeVry, Getting an Online Degree Never Leaves You Alone.

A major choice is making the decision to pursue a degree. When doing something new, like obtaining an online degree, it’s normal to feel anxious. Fortunately, there’s no reason to be afraid of online degree programmes. DeVry provides round-the-clock assistance to its students taking online courses for college. On your educational path, you won’t be alone thanks to practical tools and collaborative learning spaces.

5. Passionate Advisors for Student Support

The goal of DeVry’s Student Support Advisors is the academic achievement of each student. You can always count on your Student Support Advisor. You may feel secure knowing that a committed adviser is watching out for you, whether that means setting up online college courses, organising study schedules, or just dropping by to see how things are doing.

6. Individualised Career Guidance

We will get to know you, your objectives, and your professional goals along with your DeVry professional Services Advisor. Prior to graduation, your Career Services Advisor will assist you with tasks like creating a personal brand, refining your CV, maximising your LinkedIn page, and, where necessary, offering interview coaching. You may learn more at DeVry than just getting a degree, as they understand. Additionally, it concerns how your qualifications could be able to help you go through thrilling new life experiences.

7. 24*7 Student Support

When they can, busy individuals enrolled in online degree programmes need to set aside time for studying. They provide live instruction to their students round the clock for that reason1. They are aware that many people cannot support their families while earning a degree; instead, only the flexibility of an online education allows for this. Upgrading oneself and doing your usual responsibilities shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Throughout your stay at DeVry, they’ll try to comprehend your circumstances and lend their greatest assistance to your objectives.

Are there any noteworthy examples of former students who achieved professional success after completing their studies?

1. Sonya Wickel:

Aspired to work in technology, Sonya Wickel was always using computers outside of her job. Her educational background includes enrollment at DeVry University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in information technology. An MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a master’s degree in information system management. As Triumph’s Chief Information Security Officer, she brought those goals to the forefront of the aerospace industry globally.

Through skill-based security awareness training, threat hunting, security monitoring, risk-based vulnerability management, and outsourced partnerships. She developed a comprehensive cybersecurity programme at Triumph. She handles the always shifting incident and threat landscape with thorough rules and processes. And she created an extensive audit programme to prove compliance with legal, regulatory, and privacy standards. 

Much of Sonya’s success can be attributed to her time with DeVry, and she has been a vocal supporter of underrepresented communities in technology and her sector. DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management has named Sonya the recipient of the 2023 Alumni Legacy Award.

2. Michael Omidele:

Personal suffering may inspire motivation, as Michael Omidele is aware. The “medical records mix-up” in Nigeria claimed a family member of his. In order to stop it from occurring to anybody else, he decided to take the necessary action. From DeVry University, Michael graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Network and Communications Management.

To assist digitise and centralise medical records throughout Africa’s healthcare system and enhance patient outcomes, Michael created Clinify in 2020, drawing on his employment experience gained post-graduation. Nigeria was where Clinify starts to spread out. Healthcare has improved since then as a result of the technology’s deployment with medical insurance companies, healthcare professionals, and consumers.

3. George Maropakis:

George Maropakis, the CISO of McDonald’s, oversees a varied group of employees that collaborate to safeguard the organization’s network from cyber threats. And guarantee that McDonald’s is situate to facilitate delectable, comforting moments for everybody, without sacrificing security. After beginning his career at McDonald’s in 2015 as the head of security operations. He then held the position of senior director of security delivery assurance, putting threat intelligence and incident response skills into practice, before assuming his present position.

Leading his group to work with McDonald’s international partners to strategically coordinate, implement, and oversee cybersecurity standards across several nations is George’s responsibility. Besides starting the Mcdonald’s cybersecurity apprenticeship programme to build the talent pipeline. George won honours from Digital Shadows Best Cyber Threat Intelligence Programme for 2022 and CDO Magazine as one of the Leading Midwest Cybersecurity Leaders in 2023. He earned an associate’s degree in applied science in electronics in 1997. And a bachelor’s degree in technical management in 2000 from DeVry University. DeVry’s Alumni Achievement Awards were given to Michael and George in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do the programmes at DeVry get created?

You may feel secure knowing that at DeVry, you’re picking up the knowledge and tools requires to meet modern business demands. With assistance from professionals and industry partners, a group of knowledgeable teachers and staff creates their programmes. Illinois Board of Higher Education and Higher Learning Commission approvals are obtain for each of our programmes. 

What practical experience do DeVry’s instructors possess?

Yes. It is our goal to ensure that you learn from experts who are knowledgeable, committed, and encouraging. All of our instructors fulfil our stringent teaching standards, which include having practical experience.

Is DeVry University a for-profit institution?

Yes. All that denotes that devry university com is a for-profit institution: a private company owns and runs the university. Our institution has received accreditation, and we work hard to give you a top-notch education that will enable you to achieve your objectives and acquire skills that will be crucial in tomorrow’s digitally-driven workforce.

What B2B services does DeVry offer?

Sure, Along with developing learning routes, promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion, hiring new employees, and other initiatives, they collaborate with both big and small businesses. Businesses may discover talent shortages and create customised solutions with the assistance of their skilled consultants. 

Do DeVry degrees have any credibility?

Sure, Indeed, they trust by over 3,000 companies, including Southwest Airlines, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and H&R Block, to provide staff education. 

The Accountability Principles of DeVry are what?

For your educational journey, DeVry has developed a set of accountability principles. They concentrate their efforts in four main areas: academic and student support, financial literacy and responsible borrowing, responsible recruiting and enrollment, and accountability and transparency. This way, they try to do what’s best for their students.

Regarding the Public Good, how committed is DeVry?

Peruse DeVry’s Commitment to the Public Good to find out more about their community initiatives, such as DeVry’s Advantage Academy and our partnership with the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and visit Devry student portal.

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