Superset Login 2022 Wipro, Capgemini, Cognizant, Infosys Login/ Signup

Superset login

Superset Login creates a platform between employers and fresh graduates to get their first jobs. The students get an opportunity to seek faster employment and thereby such activities help colleges streamline campus placements. Superset’s web platform shall engage, assess, and provide virtual interviews for industry benchmarking and analytics. Employers are invited to use Superset in accepting applications, conducting assessments, and interviews, and rolling out instant offers all in one account.

Superset Login 2022 Wipro, Capgemini, Cognizant, Infosys Login/ Signup

Superset Performances:

1. Several multinational companies such as Capgemini, Cognizant, Wipro, HDFC BANK, and Practo have utilized the services of Superset in the process of campus recruitment.

2. During Covid 19 pandemic, Superset in 2021 has worked extensively to create 1.76 campus offers, 5.23 lakh online interviews, 2.38 million applications, 2,741 job posts, and 2,100 companies have registered with Superset.

3. A company can get in direct contact with the superset and seek a demo to understand the features it possesses. The company must reach out to the and on the web page, click the ‘get demo’ button placed at the bottom.

Get Demo here

4. A click on the ‘get demo’ shall lead to a new webpage that explains ways and means to get a free product walkthrough with campus hiring an expert.

5. The company should fill out the details in the dialog box such as company name, name, work email address, and the annual volume of campus hiring, and click the schedule product demo.

Company schedule product demo

6. The webpage contains a short video clipping titled digital campus hiring platform. It describes the various components that Superset comprises and the way it integrates different modules to achieve the end-to-end solutions to acquire young talent.

7. Superset engages the digital campus hiring platform to make high-quality campus placement services. 

Superset, Universities are Shifting to Online Campus Placement Services:

1. In India the university/college placements are offline and it is high time for such universities to transform digitally. Here, superset invites to create a digital platform instead of the University’s offline placement cells for the students.

2. Many universities across India have tried and tested the efficacy of online campus hiring platforms. By adopting the superset by universities/institutions they are able to streamline placements end to end.

3. The University is able to streamline the student data seamlessly and enable zero hassle placements.

4. The software enables one to save 80 percent of the time in checking the placement cycle of a student.

5. With the impression of superset in universities placement platforms one could improvise 22 percent of the placement conversions.

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Request Demo for Universities at Superset:

1. In order to seek a request demo, a university must click the ‘get started’ button available on the web link page

Universities Request Demo

2. The web portal shall redirect to a new page and the university can ask for a free demo online by filling up the particulars.

Request demo fill details here

3. The university/institute candidate must fill up the details such as institute name, name and designation, email address, mobile number, and batch size. And click on the request demo button.

Stress-free placement process:

1. Receive reliable information notifications, apply on the go via mobile apps, and keep better track of interview dates.

2. A student can experience stress-free placement services and by adopting mobile apps one can obtain reliable information notifications, apply for jobs, and keep better track of interview dates.

Student Login at

1st Step: In order to log in to the Superset page, the student should visit the official website and click on the login button of the webpage

tap on superset login

2nd Step: Then, it will lead to a web page wherein a student can make a login through Google, or Facebook.

enter the Superset login page

Forgot Password: 

1. In case a student forgets a password then students will have to click the forgot password option.

forgot password of Superset login

2. The superset portal shall lead to a new page, and the student should Fulfill the email address and hit on the ‘request reset via email.’

request reset link here

3. The student must follow the instructions on the webpage and obtain the new password.

Fresh Student Registration at Superset OnlineCampus Placement:

1st Step: To register on the Superset portal, Students will have to meet the official portal and hit on the signup option.

tap on signup on the Superset login page

2. The web portal shall display a new page that displays a ‘welcome to Superset !’ & the student must click on the start registering and further progress enter details for registration.

Superset Srat registering

3rd Step: The registration process for a student @superset completes in 7-steps and they include basic information, contact details, current/most recent education, previous education, internship and work experience, profile photo & documents, and enrollment for placements.

Superset registering page

4th Step: The student must select the first knob, passphrase from my college…. and enter the college passphrase and click the submit button. Likewise, one must complete step-by-step registration. Then, the student can make a login through Gmail or Facebook.

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