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tcs ultimatix login

TCS Ultimatix Login: The TCS is Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and spread across 46 countries and 387000 employees working to provide business solutions in a global scenario. It is termed as a renowned multinational IT service consulting company. And, with the increase in its employee force, the company drives IT software tools in the employee portal.

The prime objective of the TCS Ultimatix is to create an absolute employee management portal in the HRMS ecosystem. Tata Consultancy develops the Enterprise Resource Planner, ERP (business process management software) that functions to relate itself to Human resources, service, and technology. Here, Ultimax offers a method through which employees can operate in person the HR services, salary management, timesheet, etc. One can have a better view at https://auth.ultimatix.net.

TCS Ultimatix Login First Time:

1st Step: To sign on to the TCS Ultimatix Login page, the employee must use the official website of the TCS employees portal www.auth.ultimatix.net. and follow the stated steps.

2nd Step: The employee must enter the user name and tap on the process.

Ultimatix TCS Login enter user id

3rd Step: Later, the employee should enter the Auth code and click the login button to make a login.

Ultimatix TCS Login enter authcode

4th Step: In case, an employee finds it difficult to make a login then one must click the ‘need help?’

Retrieve the Password if forgotten.

1. An employee can retrieve the Ultimatix account by activating the webpage link https://auth.ultimatix.net/utxLogin/pages/ForgetSelectionInt.jsp.

2. The Ultimatix TCS Portal shall open the Ultimax module that defines the setting of the forgotten password, forgotten personalized user name, and seeking a temporary ultimatix password.

Ultimatix TCS Login forgot password page

3. The employee must click the ‘Set new Ultimatix password block: ‘set password.’

4. The web portal shall open a new webpage, ‘Set new ultimatix password.’ and it will display three ways to make a password retrieval.

  • Set using webmail password
  • Set using ultimatix auth-code
  • Set using SMS-based OTP.
Set new Ultimatix password from the 3 options

5. Procedure to retrieve if ‘set using SMS-based OTP’ is opted for retrieval.

proceed to password via otp

6. If an employee opts for the third option and clicks it, then the web portal shall lead to a new page, ‘Ultimatix Set New Password’

7. The employee must enter the employee number, and the Captcha image, and submit it.

enter employee code

8. An OTP shall be sent to the mobile handset from the web portal.

9. The web portal shall ask for a secret question and it needs to be answered. If correct, follow it further and retrieve the password.

Important Note: Keeping the functionalities of the web portal intact, the company has modified the URL from www.tcxultimatix.com to www.elximatix.net/ .

TCS Ultimatix Mobile App: TCS employees launched the TCS Ultimatix Mobile app which can be deployed on android, windows, and iOS. The app’s web pages do contain human resource services and all the functions can be managed in a few clicks.

TCS Ultimatix Functionalities Supporting the Employee’s Issues:  

1. The HRMS designs the daily timesheet in a manner that makes an employee operate it comfortably.

2. The HRMS maintains the updated personal/professional/job profile details of the employees.

3. A supervisor can check to approve the employee’s leave through a leave management system.

4. The payslip issues the complete financial competence of an employee.

5. The HR management provides access to download employees’ monthly payslips or a payslip for previous months also.

6. Employees can download an appointment letter, joining letter, or increment letter, etc. 

7. Another channel in the employee portal is performance management and the details are used to analyze before issuing a promotion or a salary hike.

8. The Human Resource ERP portal includes, a provident fund, voluntary provident fund, and allowances like travel/leave/overtime work, etc whatever is applicable.

EasyAuth Authenticator app on mobile smart-phones Logins:  

1. An employee can make ‘easy auth’ logins on a mobile handset in simple ten steps.

2. The employee must check whether the mobile handset is connected to the Internet or not.

3. The employee is advised to install the updated version of the authenticator app on the device from UxApps.

4. The employee must select the EasyAuth login method from the Ultimatix login page.

5. The employee must check the number as shown in the Ultimatix login page.

6. The employee must check by tapping on the EasyAuth notification that is made available on the mobile handset. In case if one doesn’t find an EasyAuth notification then launching the app becomes essential.

7. The employee must authenticate using a 4-digit PIN or biometric.

8. The employee must initiate the EasyAuth request from the browser. Once the app is open, the toggle button must switch to the EasyAuth screen.

9. The Employee must tap the number which matches on the login page made available on the EasyAuth screen of the Authenticator app.

10. The employee must make an EasyAuth request and after that Easyauth number shall be auto-updated. In case the Easyauth screen is not open then one should pull down the EasyAuth screen for updation of EasyAuth numbers.

11. The employee will be able to log in with no difficulty and in case of any problem, one must sort out queries @ ultimatix.login@tcs.com.

TCS (tcxultimatix/ elximatix) Helpdesk:

The employee can take professional help from toll-free numbers, VoIP, and email. The toll free numbers are 1-800-425-4827 : 1-877-827-4639 : 0207-2458000 / VoIP : 500 5555 PSTN: 6060 5555# / 022- 25188155 / helpdesk@tcs.comhelpdesk@tcs.com : re@tcs.com.

Myapps TCS Login:

 1. Visit the myapps tcs login portal i.e. https://myapp.tcs.com/logon/LogonPoint/tmindex.html.

2. On the myapps tcs login page, the employee should enter the employee id, and password and make a login it online.

my apps tcs login page

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