Acaeronet Employee Portal Login Page 2022 Air Canada Employee Login

Acaeronet Login: Air Canada Airlines has designed a specific web portal to justify the needs of their employees The portal does maintain data of employees that pertain to personal and professional levels. An employee can get in touch with the human resource management over the Intranet and you can draw a benefit in the following manner. The employee can obtain information and avail its benefits on health-related schemes, retirement schemes, etc.

Acaeronet Login Page Air Canada Employee Portal

In addition, on the employee self-service (ESS) portal, you can check for paystubs, pay slips, attendance, leave grants, etc. In the employee’s webpage, you will find birthdays, checklists, employee discounts, retirement letters, travel discount offers, etc. You can gain the benefits and get in touch with the human resource personnel without visiting their desk in person.  You can learn more about the benefits and services that can be received at Being an employee, you can log in into the employee webpage through the above-mentioned web portal address. Then, proceed to the employee page by clicking the activated link: ‘Employee portal.’ 

Air Canada Employee Benefits:

Employees gain benefits from the Air Canada company in different ways such as the provision of health plans, additional time off, additional financial benefits, cultural aspects, commuter amenities, and an onsite fitness facility.

Health plans:

Air Canada employees are provided with health plans such as a 401K plan, basic health, and insurance that pertains to dental, vision, and long-term disability.

 Air Canada covers healthcare expenses such as prescription drug coverage, massage therapy, home care, and nutrition counseling.

In addition, you can avail chiropractic services, osteopathy, podiatry, medical travel insurance, and employee assistance programs, EAP.

You can apply for family medical leave to assist someone in your family in times of healthcare emergencies.

Additional Time-off: Different streams of the workforce those belonging to management, technical, and administration are entitled to avail the paid vacation for a period of 3 weeks and 5 weeks. Employees can utilize self-funded leave options as well.    

Onsite Fitness Facility: Employees can avail the facilities that include discounted gym membership, and utilize various kinds of cardio machines like rowing machines, jogging clubs, treadmills, instructor-led classes, stationary bikes, & stair masters.

In-house Training Programs: The HR department conducts different kinds of in-house training programs such as paid internships, skilled trades programs, and providing subsidies on professional accreditation programs. 

Additional Financial Benefits: Air Canada does encourage programs on retail, travel, and air travel discounts and they range between 20 percent and 30 percent. A similar corporate discount program is for family members who receive between 10 percent and 15 percent. 

Cultural Aspects: Employees can listen to music at the workstation, and wear clothing that matches the occasion such as casual dress, sports team dress, etc.

Workplace Features: At the workplace, Air Canada employees can have medical clinics, dry cleaning services, a boutique, Air Canada Museum, discounted local Air Canada, and an outdoor patio.

Commuter Amenities: Employees can use the parking space for free, obtain transportation subsidies, provision of charging stations for electric vehicles, and sheltered bicycle parking.

ACAeronet Login at

1st Step: To access the Acaeronet Air Canada web Portal, the Employee will have to visit the Link

2nd Step: The employees should enter the Identity issued by Air Canada’s HR department and enter the password in the second field and Click the login button.

Acaeronet Login Employee Portal

3rd Step: You will be directed to the inner web page and you must select the employee travel icon or mynews tab.

4th Step: On the inner page, you can edit the personal information and further progress to check the payment details, and health benefit claims, and comprehend the company’s policies.

Forgotten Password:

1. To get the Password, the employees should tap on the forgot password link that is made available on the ACAeronet login page.

2. The Air Canada employees will reach the recover password page and they are advised to enter the email address and you will receive a reset password link. In case, you find any discrepancies then you must approach the website’s administrator. 

About Air Canada:

Air Canada makes a global presence and it comprises 30 thousand employees under its fold, founded in 1937. The company is headquartered in Montreal, and it offers flights between the United States & Canada. Air Canada operations are conducted to transport cargo and passengers to 207 countries. Before Air Canada came into existence, passenger/ Cargo flights were conducted by Trans-Canada Air Lines, TCA.  

The company has made the online login portal operational for various reasons. The portal helps passengers to book/check arrival_departure/cancellations and various service operations. In addition, Air Canada has an exclusively dedicated portal service for employees through which the company provides guidance. An employee can seek the needful information from a wide spectrum of data stored in the database. The evolution of employee self-service (ESS) web portals has given an opportunity to gain information at the click of a button.

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