FAQs on UPSC IAS Self Preparation 2022 Questions & Answered for Beginners


FAQs on UPSC IAS: A lot of aspiring students have various questions and queries regarding the UPSC civil service exams. The most frequently asked queries have been cleared here from all three stages, the prelims, the mains, and the interview. So go through this once to get all of your doubts cleared so that you can sit and crack the UPSC exams easily.

FAQs on UPSC IAS 2022 All UPSC Beginners Questions & Answered:

FAQs regarding civil services:

Q: What is a civil service?

Ans: They are the jobs like IPS, IAS, IRS, IFS, etc. which are directly related to the public service and they are prestigious jobs in India. UPSC conducts these civil service exams for vacancies regarding central government jobs.


Q 1: What is IAS?

Ans: IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service.

Q 2: What is the salary for an IAS officer in India?

Ans: There are various pay scales for an IAS officer. Scales are divided like the junior scale, senior scales, above super time scale, super timescales, etc. in each of these pay scales, they are further subdivided into various pay bands according to which the IAS officers get their salaries.

FAQs Regarding The Eligibility Criteria:

Q: To appear for this IAS exam what is the educational qualification that one needs?

Ans: Any graduation degree is the only requirement to appear for these exams. The degree might be distant or regular. The candidate appearing for the IAS exam must have a degree from any of the Universities that are established educational institutions or a deemed university under section 3 of the university grants commission act.

FAQS Regarding The Preparation For Exams:

Q 1: How to begin preparation for IAS exams as a fresher?

Ans: Start by knowing the syllabus. Then proceed to buy the necessary books that can cover the syllabus. After that start studying methodically or you can take coaching from some of the best institutes in India which can easily make you crack the IAS exam.

Q 2: Can the IAS exam be cleared without attending any such institutes?

Ans: Yes, it can be cleared. If the aspirant is good at self-studying, then there is no harm in doing so. Coaching institutes just guide the student in the proper direction which saves a lot of time. If you have a lot of time in hand, you can consider preparing all alone.  However, you can even seek help online as all the guidance and study materials are available on various websites. Many people cannot afford the high cost of classroom coaching, that doesn’t mean you cannot crack the IAS exams, you can too, yourself.

FAQs Regarding The UPSC CSE Prelims:

Q 1: Is the prelims exam of IAS is objective?

Ans: It is divided into two papers each having 200 marks. The first paper comprises of general studies question whereas the second paper has everything related to aptitude and mental ability. To get through to the final, the marks of only the 1st paper will be counted provided the student has at least 33% marks in the second paper.

Q 2: Is there any scene for negative marking?

Ans: Normally for all the questions, incorrect answers carry negative marks however for some particular questions the negative marking scheme will remain inbuilt as different marks will get awarded in case of answers which are appropriate and some which are not that much appropriate.

FAQs Regarding UPSC CSE Mains:

Q 1: What is the structure of the main exam of UPSC civil service?

Ans: This main exam comprises two parts which are one written exam and another interview test. The written exam usually consists of 9 different papers which follow an essay-type pattern. Out of these nine papers, only two will be of qualifying nature. The marks obtained in all the papers from 1 to 7 plus the marks obtained in the personality test or the interview will be counted, and the ranking will be generated according to it.

Q 2: What is the best subject that can be chosen at graduation level to clear this UPSC exam?

Ans: The majority of the questions regarding general studies come from the humanities background. However, it does not mean that the people having humanities for their graduation have greater chances of clearing the exam. For your graduation, you can choose any stream that you can easily study for three or four years. The optional subjects for the UPSC mains could be anything, and it’s not necessary to choose the same subject as that of your graduation.

Q 3: What are the minimum qualifying marks of the compulsory papers of UPSC mains?

Ans: For the year 2019 the minimum qualifying marks for the English and Indian languages was 25%, and for the other GS1 GS2 GS3 GS4 papers the minimum cut off was 10% marks.

Q 4: Can marks be deducted if the candidate has bad handwriting?

Ans: Yes in UPSC exams if the handwriting of the particular candidate is not legible then a deduction of certain marks can be made from the total marks achieved by him or her.

FAQs Regarding Interview And Ranking:

Q: Are there any minimum qualifying marks for the UPSC interview?

Ans: No out of the 275 marks in the interview, there are no minimum qualifying marks for it.

Some General Doubts:

Q: Are calculators allowed inside the exam hall for UPSC exams?

Ans: No for the UPSC preliminary exam the calculators are not allowed however the candidates can use scientific calculators in that conventional exam or the main exam. Programmable calculators, however, are not allowed, and the paper might get canceled if the candidates are found using it.

The Bottom Line:

Thus these were some of the questions that get asked by the aspiring UPSC civil service candidates. Hope this article provided insights into certain rules and regulations and successfully cleared all the doubts that you might have had in your head. The UPSC official web portal is https://www.upsc.gov.in/.

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