SVMCM Scholarship 2022-2023 V4.0 Fresh/ Renewal Apply Online

Swami Vivekananda MCM Scholarship:

Swami Vivekananda MCM Scholarship: The government of West Bengal has revamped the SVMCM Scholarship scheme in the year 2016. The main aim of the scheme is to give benefits to the meritorious candidates who belong to EBC Families in the West Bengal state. The scheme labeled as swami Vivekananda merit cum means scholarship (V 4.0)  releases scholarships to students pursuing courses in different levels of higher studies.

The closing date to apply for the fresh SVMCM Scholarship programme for the academic year 2021-2022 is 28th February 2022. Likewise, the students who need to renew the scholarship of Yester- years enrollment than the last day of April 2022 which opened on 16th November 2022. The end beneficiaries are the college students and complete information on the scheme can be obtained @

Swami Vivekananda MCM Scholarship 2022-2023 Fresh/ Renewal Apply Online:

Scope of the scheme:

1. Swami Vivekananda merit cum means scholarship (V 4.0) is extended to students in regular mode of Class XI, & XII, undergraduate level in science/arts/commerce, engineering, medical and technical courses.

2. The scholarship is issued to post-graduate-level students in the above-mentioned courses as well.

3. The family income should not be above INR 2,50,000.00 per annum.

4. One of the special features of the scheme is, the beneficiary gets the payment directly transferred into the account. For that, the beneficiary must submit the essential bank details such as account number, bank name, & IFSC.

5. The entire process of submission of the application of the scheme is online-only, one need not present hard copies of the application form, and the important uploaded documents.

6. The scheme sets limits to the beneficiary as one is permissible to swami Vivekananda scheme only and any other scholarship (central/state) or stipend for course/study shall be made non-available to such a beneficiary.

7. Any specific scholarship or one time grants or help from any source, or free partly-free studentship to a student doesn’t stop the entitlement of the Swami Vivekananda scheme benefits.

Means Judging Criteria:

1. The annual income of the family should be within INR 2,50,000/-.

2. The annual income is the deciding factor for any student to seek a scholarship. If a student produces fake documents and acquires the right to obtain a scholarship, then one shall be penalized for such an offense committed. The government may be forced to take disciplinary action against the accused student.

3. The competent authority shall take three legal steps if a student is proven guilty.

4. In the first step, the authority shall recover the scholarship amount spent on the student. Coming to the second step, the authority shall seize the right to apply for any other scholarship offered by the state/central government.

5. In the third step, the competent authority will also apply the penal provisions or any other relevant laws depending on the severity of the committed offense then.

Merit Judging Criteria:

1. Swami Vivekananda Scholarship covers various levels such as High School, Undergraduate level, & Post Graduate levels.

2. A student pursuing any of the specified levels will need the following percentages to seek meritorious scholarship.

  • For Highschool – 60 percentage
  • Undergraduate -60 percentage
  • For the PG Honours stream in UG- 53 percent
  • Science, arts, commerce stream in UG- 45 percent

Application & Sanction Procedures:

1. All applications of various streams are listed in descending order of the obtained score in the respective stream.

2. The scholarship shall be awarded as subjected to the list of merit.

3. Moreover, the scholarships are released as per the availability of the funds.

4. After verification of the applicant’s application, the scheme web portal shall deliver the funds to the beneficiary’s bank account.

Renewal of the SVMCM Scholarship 2022:

1. The renewal of the scholarship will be processed by the concerned scholarship sanctioning authority.

2. A student must submit the mark list and the required documents online and then the process must complete within a month from the date of release of the marks list of the previous year.

3. In the semester system, the student must complete each semester in a single attempt.

4. The competent authority shall award scholarship provided one must have an aggregate of 60 percent out of the combined semesters, an even and odd one and it is for the students of higher secondary to undergraduate level at the promotional examination.

5. In the Post-graduation level combining both semesters one must have at least 50 percent.

Swami Vivekananda Scheme Registration 2021-2022:

1st step: To register on the Swami Vivekananda MCM Scholarship page, the beneficiary should official website i.e.

2nd Step: On the home page of the SVMCM Scholarship, applicants should click the registration link.

click on registration link on the Swami Vivekananda MCM Scholarship page

3rd Step: Applicants will get the How to apply Page on the Display. Now, Applicants should stroll down the page and click on the Proceed for Registration Option.

4th Step: After hitting the Proceed for registration option, applicants will get the registration Category page. The registration Category page contains 6 applications.

They are:

1. DSE- Studying in Higher Secondary Schools

2. DTE&T- Studying in Polytechnic Colleges or Institutions

3. DPI- Studying in General Degree Colleges or Universities

4. DTE- Studying in Degree Engineering or Technical Colleges or Universities

5. DME- Studying in Medical/Nursing Colleges or Institutions)

6. K3- For General PG Courses of Kanyashree (K2) Girls

Fresh registraton appilcation form

5th Step: Applicants should select the desired Option on the registration category page and complete the registration by filling in the application form.

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship Online Application form 2021-2022:

1. The beneficiary must follow the simple steps, on the home page and enter the application form through a link available on the home tab.

2. After getting the application form, you need to Fill in the form as well as Upload the scanned file and submit the form by clicking on the submit button. 

Swami Vivekananda Scholarship Renewal Application Form 2022:

Students who have already sought the merit cum means scholarship in the previous year/years must renew the application form. Student renewal form for the academic year 2022-23 can be attained in the following manner.

1. The beneficiary (college student) must open the official website,, and click on the renewal application form.

2. The beneficiary must check all details, and then click on the ‘apply online link.’

3. The beneficiary must fill in the required details in the application and upload the documents.

4. At the end, the beneficiary can click on the submit application form & seek a printout of the renewal application form. 

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Applicant Login at Swami Vivekananda MCM Scholarship page:

1. The beneficiary must enter the web portal address and and then click on the application login available on the main tab of the home page.

applcant login

2. As a result, the web portal shall take to the new page, ‘sign in for the scholarship.’ The beneficiary must feed the applicant ID, Password, and log in to the SVMCM Scholarship page.

enter the details here

3. The web portal shall lead to the login dashboard of the beneficiary.

Forgotten Applicant ID/Password:

1. In case, a student fails to remember the password or the application ID, then there is an option below the security code, known as Forgot Application ID/password.

2. The Student must click the login button and it will lead to the next page, ‘retrieve applicant id/password.’

3. The beneficiary must click the select button, and then it will show in the dropbox, application number, and password.

4. The beneficiary must click the essential one from the select dropbox, say ‘password.’, click the proceed button.

5. The beneficiary must select the applicant type, it could be a fresh applicant, renewal applicant, kanyashree K3 applicant, or MPhil Non-net net-ls research fellow.

6. Enter the applicant ID, and Mobile Number, and enter the security code, then click to proceed.

7. The student must follow the instructions and generate the forgotten password.

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