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Rtasks Login: Better Software Better Care…a tagline of Rtasks, a brand of Residex Software Solutions. Rtasks provides complete support to the residential care home professionals. When does the need for residential care arise? Residential care homes are the best fit for those individuals who do require special care and concern, more importantly, a better home setting care. Here is an app developed and designed by Residex Software Solutions that come to the direct use of residential care owners who make special arrangements such as supervised care, meals, activities, and health management.

Before getting into the details of the web portal, it will be of great value to readers if they understand the kind of services one can seek from it. To list them, they are charting and reports, residents, nursing, staff & security, billing &A/R, Life Enrichment, Prospects, Administration, Residex API, and Residex pharma connect. Highlighting the main application, the RTasks software is to make the work balance effortlessly of healthcare workers at residential care homes supporting the living communities. These homes can be categorized as homes of various sizes, specifically home health care and adult day service providers.

Rtasks ResiDex Software: 

1. RTasks.net are devised, developed, and maintained by the ResiDex Software. The software is Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medication Administration Record (E-MAR) system.

2. Residential home care professionals can approach for technical support any time between business hours (7:00 AM – 05:00 PM, CST).

3. Yet, one can seek interaction on emergency support with ResiDex. The adult day service providers can take help from the software service team over webinars, emails, and phones.

4. Technical Compatibility:

  • Residex software is made compatible to work on smartphones, tablets, and computers that function over the IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.
  • The software can be browsed over Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
  • The Residex software opens on a single web browser and multiple screen access is possible when a user operates using different browsers.

Residex Software Modules Supports Nurses & Organizations:

With the growing popularity of the Residex software, more and more staff nurses and organizations are getting trained on it. Nurses are trained on nursing modules such as assessments, nursing review options, and campus trends. Residex Support helps its customers, sign up for monthly user group meetings, and learn management system modules.

Charting and Reports :

Charting and reporting is an important components utilized by the administrators to execute the operations like unscheduled tasks, and office correspondence.

1. E-Charting: Electronic Charting includes unscheduled charting, disconnected charting, reviewing care plans, policies, etc, claim services, check-in/check-out, supply usage, ADS clock in /clock out, and client Roster Reports.

2. E-MAR (Chart Medication administration): RTasks software creates chart medication administration that provides several features such as PRN medication administration, controlled medications, medications sent out of the facility, Dosage Box-Style EMAR

3. Reports: The reports can be prepared in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or comma-separated (.csv) documents. The software allows double-sided excel sheet printing and the Excel spreadsheet is exportable.

4. EFax: Rtasks operates e-faxing and information can be sent and received between care providers and Organizations thereby eliminating printers, scanners, and office fax machines.

5. Rtasks send: It offers one-way functionality that means receiving documents from outside parties.

6. Users can take support of the residex software company on issues of setting up an account, login or any technical issues at support@residexsoftware.com. 

Set up rtasks account:

1. For initial login page like https://rtasks.net/Users/Login, the rtasks portal shall deliver to the signer’s email with a link to create a user’s account or the company will issue a username with a one-time use password (temporary).

2. The Users can enter the username, and password and click the sign-in to enter the Rtasks logged in page.

Rtasks Login

3. Remember, the Password is a temporary one and it must be changed with a new password by tapping the Can’t access your account Option.

Rtasks Login recover password

4. Another option is that the user can obtain the instructions on their mobile phone to reset their own password.

5. The user should fill in the User name and further enter the new password, retype it to confirm the secret password and hit the submit button.

6. The user can also enter the phone number as an optional to reset the password.

2-Step Verification Method: Keeps User’s Rtasks Account Safe & Secure

Rtasks encourages a 2-step verification method also called 2 Factor Authentication, or Multi-factor authentication to keep accounts safe and secure. 

Enabling 2 Step Verification:

1. Select the setting on the Rtasks navigation bar and in the account security section, one must select setup 2-step verification. A new dialog box is displayed.

2. Enter the phone number and current password, and click the save button. This operation shall protect the user’s login credentials.

Rtasks account with 2-step verification.

1. If a user attempts to log in to another device, then one shall receive an email with a one-time use code.

2. The user must enter the code in the dialog display box and click the verify button to make an entry into web portal.

3. If one fails, click on the Click here and continue the steps of 2-step verification.

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