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Navy ERP Login: Navy adopts ERP to streamline the Navy Business Processes and modernize it in different aspects of operations. They are financial, and supply chain management across the US Naval Enterprise. Navy ERP plans to function in compliance with federal financial and security standards, laid in accordance with the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, and DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation process. It is estimated to manage more than one-half of its total obligation authority to produce auditable financial statements.   

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Contract Vendor Pay: Milestones (August 2020 – April 2021):

The contract vendor pay reflects the payments done by the enterprise to the vendor against material, products, and services. Naval ERP has niched milestones in rectifying and smooth functioning of its processes in financial projects, supply projects, and sustainment projects. However, the improvised Milestone achievements for Contract Vendor Pay are as follows.

1. August 2020: Creation of new invoice types along with the existing invoice types for maximizing internal entitlement.

2. November 2020: Reducing error handling in invoices, and developing automated invoice processing.

3. February 2021: ERP permits dual entry and eliminates receipt.

4. April 2021: ERP began to resolve 13 NFR audit concerns.

NETSS Contracts Big Vendors:

Navy ERP Technical Support Services (NETSS) System Integrator Contract awarded to International Business Machines (IBM) Approximately $850M / Task Order Value. Navy ERP has major contractors, International Business Machines (IBM), Bethesda, Maryland. In addition, other contractors are Deloitte, New York, USA, and Electronic Consulting Services (ECS) iLuMinA Solutions, Inc. – Fairfax, Virginia.

Supports other Functionaries:

Navy ERP supports functionaries like information technology, IT, information management, IM, large-scale system integration, LSSI, and information systems IS. With an increase in workload, the agile capacity creates a flexible contract vehicle to meet the increased workload.

Navy ERP Automated Identification Technology Mobility Features:

Navy ERP has designed and developed Automated Identification Technology (AIT) mobility and it does feature in this manner.

1.  By August 2021, the AIT’s mobility was found over 800 devices across the globe, and wireless mobile devices and 27 custom applications can be deployed on those devices.

2. With the deployment of applications on wireless mobiles, users began to seek an increase in efficiency.

3. On the wireless tablets, the good receipts, and goods issue provided greater performance in counting inventory and performing good receipts.

4. In addition, the AIT tablet does enhance user experience in stock transfers, physical inventory, delivery, and future releases.

5. The AIT system reduces data entries, enhances validations for data integrity, and introduced inventory label scanning.

6. AIT tablet shall allow warehouse users to perform the entire job effortlessly.

7. Transactions that are logically connected are linked and through that, the AIT system displays a gainful display of efficiency.

ERP Reengineering Business Processes:

1. Recently, the ERP has reengineered its business processes and has introduced financial projects, supply projects, and sustainment projects.

2. The financial projects open up to Contract Finance Payments, Contract Vendor Pay, Government Invoicing, PBIS Funds Control. Moreover, it included Posting Logic, SFIS Single Line of Accounting, Treasury Direct Disbursing, and Funds Balance with Treasury.

3. The supply projects involve AIT Mobility, BP21 Ships Stores, Goods Issue, Repairables Project, and Logistics IT (MILSTRIP)

4. The sustainment projects include archiving/data management, ePS Interface, Master Data Governance, & Naval Identity Service ICAM. Moreover,  it derives the utility in the Top 10 QCIs and Audit Compliance NFRs. 

Supply Use case, Goods Receipt Put-away:

Automated identification technology, AIT, mobility has devised a new kind of inputting the material item details into the goods receipts section. The material is fixed with a Navy ERP material label readable by 2D barcode. By adopting the scanning process and double-checking, a confirmation process, the goods receipts can be loaded up in the database instantly. Below is the procedure described.

1st Step: At the material label scan field, the user must scan the Navy ERP material label 2D barcode.

2nd Step: The transfer order number shall be on display for the line item for that scanned material. In order to confirm the material one must tick the check box and populate the confirm material field for the item.

3rd Step: Once the material label is scanned in the material label scan field, a new dialog box shall pop up ‘confirm BiN Popover.’ The user must scan the 2D bin label and click “OK” for confirmation.

Helpdesk of Navy ERP: Contractors/ Vendors can resolve problems regarding ERP by contacting the customer care center @ 1-855-608-3975 or

Short Details:

Programme NameNavy ERP Login 
Navy ERP official website
Navy ECMS Portal
ERP Login

Navy ERP Programme Login:

1st step: To access the erp login page, the Users should go to the Navy ERP Official website i.e.

2nd Step: Tap on Lock Symbol and click the ERP Login Option.

NAVY erp Login page

3rd Step: The Users should check the erp login page on the new tab and sign in to the page by giving the login details.

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